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How to Prepare for Your Newborn Photoshoot

Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your little bundle of joy! As an expecting parent, you're undoubtedly eager to capture every precious moment of your newborn's life. A newborn photoshoot is a wonderful way to freeze those early days in time, creating memories that will last a lifetime. This is such a special time, and well worth documenting!

In this blog post, I'll guide you through the process of preparing for your newborn photoshoot (from start to finish), ensuring a smooth and memorable experience for both you and your little one!

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Baby girl sleeping with chin on hands on white backdrop with red fabric draped over back

Choose the Right Photographer for Your Newborn Photoshoot:

Selecting the right photographer is crucial for a successful newborn photoshoot. Look for professionals experienced in working with newborns, as they understand the unique challenges and nuances involved. They should be certified in working with newborns so that they're able to safely pose your child without any risks to your child's safety.

Take the time to review your potential photographer's portfolio, ensuring their style aligns with your vision for the session. Additionally, seek recommendations from friends or read reviews to ensure a positive and comfortable experience.

Schedule Your Session Early and Finalize the Date in the First Two Weeks:

I highly recommend planning ahead and booking your session while you're still pregnant – around the end of your second trimester or beginning of your third. Don't worry, your photographer should base your session date off of your due date. Booking early really just guarantees you a spot on your photographer's calendar, no matter when your baby arrives.

Once baby arrives, contact your photographer to get a solid date and time locked down for your photos.

Newborns change and grow at an astonishing rate, making the first two weeks of life an ideal window for capturing those adorable, sleepy poses. If possible, schedule your photoshoot during this time to capture the freshness of your baby's arrival. This period also allows your photographer to capture those curled-up, womb-like poses that are characteristic of newborns.

With that said, don't stress if you book your session a little later than the first 2 weeks. It's my opinion that any photos of those early days are better than no photos at all!

Baby boy sleeping on tummy in light blue outfit against dark blue backdrop

Ensure a Comfortable Environment:

Newborns are most cooperative when they are comfortable and content.

If your photos are taking place in your home, keep the room warm, as newborns lose heat quickly and prefer to be warm and cozy while being wrapped and unwrapped for photos. Similarly, dress your baby in easily removable clothing to simplify the process of changing outfits during the session. You can also create a calming atmosphere by playing soft music or using white noise to mimic the sounds of the womb.

If your photographs are taking place in a studio, check with your photographer to ensure they are able to provide a comforting environment for your newborn photos. They should be able to tell you all of the ways they ensure a cozy and safe studio environment.

Feed and Comfort Your Baby Before the Session:

A well-fed and content baby is more likely to cooperate during the photoshoot. Plan to feed your baby just before the session to ensure they are comfortably full and in a calm state. You can also bring any comfort items, such as a favorite blanket or pacifier, to soothe your baby during breaks. A happy and relaxed baby makes for beautifully captured moments.

Baby boy laying on tummy against dark green backdrop in beige outfit

Coordinate Outfits and Personal Items:

Consider coordinating outfits for both you and your baby to create a cohesive and visually appealing look in the photos. Neutral tones and soft fabrics often work well for newborn sessions, allowing the focus to remain on your precious little one. Plan ahead to bring along any special items, such as heirloom blankets or accessories, that you would like to incorporate into the photoshoot as well. These can add a wonderful touch to your photos, and when you plan ahead you can coordinate them to your preferred color palette as desired.

Be Flexible and Patient:

Newborns have unique needs and can be unpredictable at times, and it's possible that your session may take longer than expected. Be patient and flexible, allowing breaks for feeding, changing, and comforting your baby. A relaxed and stress-free environment will result in more natural and peaceful photographs.

It's also a good plan to verify that your photographer allows for breaks throughout the newborn session so you can plan accordingly. If not, consider whether that matters to you or whether you'd prefer to stick with your photographer regardless.

baby girl bundled up in red blanket against red backdrop with flower headband

Trust in the expertise of your photographer, savor the precious moments, and let the magic of newborn photography unfold. You'll be so glad that you took the time to schedule these photos so you can enjoy them for years to come.

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