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Safety First! How I Prepare My Private Photography Studio for Your Newborn Session

My Photography Qualifications

The first thing you should know about me is that your newborn's safety is my top concern while you're in the Life Photography by Melissa studio. So much so, that I've taken multiple extensive courses and received certifications in newborn safety and photography. My goal is to ensure that all of my clients feel 100% confident in my ability to keep every newborn safe during their session, while demonstrating professional and friendly behavior.

My qualifications include:

  • Accredited Professional - Newborn Photographers International (APNPI)

  • APNPI Online Safety Course Completion

  • Certified Professional Photographer

  • Professional Photographers of America

  • Business Hall of Fame 2022

  • Better Business Bureau (A+ rating)

  • Extensive 5-star Google Rating

The Studio

My private studio is located in my home, which allows me full control over the temperature, noise level, lighting, cleanliness, and access to others during your session. When you arrive for your session, it truly will be private to you and your party, which allows us to control the pace of your session and listen to baby's cues. If your newborn needs a feeding, diapering, or cuddle break during their session, we can take all the time we need before jumping back into the photography. If your baby is too chilly or warm, we can adjust the temperature. If your baby does better with silence or white noise, we can adjust that, too. Having control over these items is step one in ensuring your baby's safety and comfort during their photoshoot.

Photo Props

I have a large selection of photo props available for your newborn's session, and I've carefully selected each item to ensure it's safe for use for newborns. I've also been specially trained in how to use props safely and have over 11 years of experience in wrapping and posing newborns with props to guarantee their safety and comfort. If you'd like a photo of your newborn in a bowl, basket, or mini bunk bed, I'm confident that I can safely pose your child and get that perfect photo.

Between Each Session

Between each session my studio is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Anything that was used during the session is carefully hand washed and returned back to the studio for use in the next session. Following each session, the studio floors are washed, vacuumed, and wiped down. You can rest assured that when you arrive for your session you'll find a clean and safe environment. The health and safety of my clients is my first priority.

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