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How Family Heirlooms Can Make Your Newborn Photography Session Extra Special (with examples!)

Family heirlooms and keepsakes are a wonderful way to tell your family's story, continue a tradition, remember a loved one, and more. They bring a unique touch to any photography session, but can be especially meaningful as you celebrate the growth of your family with your child's newborn session. Including heirlooms in your newborn's session is a beautiful way to tie the whole family together and show your family's history or a special family story through photographs, and it's a way to include your child in the lives that came before them.

Heirloom photos might not be the right fit for every family, but if you have a special item that's been passed down to you or that you'd like to pass down to your child, if you have a photo or keepsake from a loved one's life who has passed away, or if you have a family tradition that you hope to share with your child someday, it's worth considering asking your photographer to include a few photos with that item because it can make for some truly special memories! Heirlooms and keepsakes are another wonderful way to make your newborn session memorable and special, and are guaranteed to provide you with beautiful photos you'll cherish forever!

Are you considering having a few keepsake/heirloom photos taken during your newborn session, but don't know where to start? Here are a few ideas of the types of items you can include in your photos:

1. Wedding Dress or Wedding Suit

2. Grandma or Grandpa's Jewelry/Watch

3. Wedding Rings

4. Military Dog Tags/Uniform/Folded Flag

5. Photo or Urn of Lost Loved One

6. Family Photo or Antique Photo of Extended Family

7. Special Cultural Items to Celebrate Heritage

8. Collectibles (Coin, Stamp, Baseball Card, etc. Collection)

9. Beloved Heirloom Stuffed Animal or Doll

10. Heirloom Blanket or Baby Clothing

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