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What to Expect During Your Newborn Photo Session in Colorado Springs

So you just welcomed a new little family member? How exciting! Congratulations!

If you’re here, you may have already booked (or are interested in booking) a newborn photo session for your new little bundle in my home studio in Colorado Springs. I would love to help you!

As I’m sure you have questions on how to prepare for your session and what to expect from it, I’ve put together a few FAQ’s for you! Below you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about newborn photoshoots to help you plan and prepare, as well as ease any concerns you may have.

When Should I Book My newborn Photo Session?

Your newborn photo session will typically take place between 7-14 days after your baby is born, so I recommend scheduling your photo session before your baby arrives so I’m ready and aware of your session when your baby gets here! But don’t worry--if it takes you a little while to schedule because you’re busy being a new parent, no time is too late! I love photographing children of all ages, so don’t let that stop you. You’ll cherish every memory you keep from this amazing time!

How Do I Schedule a Newborn Photo Session?

Scheduling is easy! Simply fill out this form and you’ll be contacted for additional details about your vision for your newborn photoshoot.

How Long Will My Newborn Photos Take?

Session length is typically between 1-3 hours depending on the package you choose and how your newborn is handling the session. I allow extra time during each session for your baby to be fed, changed, and cuddled if needed!

What Should I Do to Prepare for My Newborn’s Photos?

There’s not much you need to worry about prior to your session (though I do share a few tips below on how to keep your baby as relaxed as possible for their photoshoot--so be sure to keep reading!)

A few things to AVOID before your session include:

  • Picking at dry skin on your baby’s face: Babies naturally have a few dry/flaky spots on their skin. Picking at it may leave their skin irritated and red, which doesn’t feel great and won’t show up well in photos either!

  • Using lotion on your baby: Lotion leaves skin looking greasy and oily, which won’t look great in your photos. Don’t worry--your baby will be adorable and perfect in their photos, so you can leave the lotion at home.

  • Overfeeding your baby: If your baby eats too much before their session, their tummy may not feel great and that may lead to tears. I do recommend feeding your baby near their photoshoot time so they’re sleepy and happy, but make sure not to let them eat TOO much so their tummy doesn’t hurt.

Will I Be Allowed in the Studio During My Baby’s Photoshoot?

Of course! I love for my clients to be in the studio with me during their newborn session for both safety/comfort reasons and also for the fond memories you’ll have for years to come! This time is as much for you as it is for your baby.

Where Will My Newborn Photo Session Take Place?

Newborn photography sessions take place in my beautiful home photography studio based in Colorado Springs, Colorado where I have a variety of props, backdrops, outfits, wraps, headbands, and more!

Do I Need to Bring Anything to My Newborn Session?

I have plenty of outfits and props for your baby to use during their photoshoot, but you may want to bring a bottle, pacifier, and clean diapers with you. It’s not uncommon for us to take short breaks during newborn sessions so my clients can feed, change, and soothe their little ones as needed.

You’re also welcome to bring any meaningful/sentimental props that you’d like, however please let me know in advance if you plan to bring props so I can more easily plan your newborn photos.

What Happens If My Baby Is Fussy During Their Session?

With over 10 years of experience photographing newborns, I’m well-versed in how to soothe infants and pose them so they’re completely comfortable and at-ease during their newborn photo session. Things do happen, though, so I pad all of my newborn sessions with a little extra time so you can tend to your child if they’re unsettled during their session!

Here Are a Few Tips to Prepare for Your Newborn Session That Will Give You the Best Chances of Having a Fuss-Free Session:

  • Consider giving your infant a bath before you come to your photo session! Warm water is calming and may help them feel relaxed.

  • If it falls in the right window, aim to feed your baby before you get to my studio in Colorado Springs or when you arrive at the studio for your session (we will budget time for this!)

  • Try to keep your baby awake as much as possible before their session (safely, of course!) so they’re ready for a nice long nap when you arrive for your newborn photos.

  • Try not to overfeed your baby, as an overfull tummy can cause discomfort and lead to tears!

  • Even if your child doesn’t regularly use a pacifier, consider bringing one with you. It can help to soothe a crying baby if all else fails!

How and When Will My Photos Be Delivered?

You will receive a digital album of your photo proofs within 24 hours of your session. Once you receive the proofs, you will select your favorite photos to be edited, and once your selections are made I will get to work editing them to perfection for you! You will receive final edits of your selected photos as soon as they’re finished--this usually takes 5-7 business days.

Do You Offer Photo Prints and Albums For Purchase?

Yes! I recommend using my print lab for your photo prints and albums as not every print service is created equal. I stand behind the quality and color matching you’ll get with my print lab, and I know you’ll be thrilled with the quality of your images and albums.

I will provide information upon delivery of your digital album as to how you can order prints and albums of your newborn photos!

How Can I Use My Photos?

Your newborn photos are for you to use however you’d like! Share them with family and on social media, print birth announcements, order prints, canvases, & albums, and most importantly, cherish them forever!

More Questions? Contact me!

You can reach me at or 719-602-9988 with additional questions and I’ll be happy to answer them for you!

Interested In Booking Your Newborn Session?

I'd love to help you capture your newborn's first days in the photoshoot of your dreams!


Did You Know I Offer Child and Family Photo Sessions As Well?

Let's capture your family's and child's special moments together!



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