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3 Reasons to Book Your Newborn Photography Session Now

Whether you're newly pregnant, sporting an adorable baby bump, or your precious little one has just made their big entrance into the world, there's no time like now to get your newborn photos scheduled. In this blog post, I'll share 3 reasons why you should stop waiting and get your photoshoot scheduled with your newborn photographer.

Reason #1: Reduce Unnecessary Stress

Newborns, while precious and wonderful, also require a LOT of your time, energy, and headspace. The earlier you can book your newborn session, the better, in order to avoid last-minute stressors. When you book early, you can cross one more thing off of your long, new parent to-do list. This is so much better than dealing with the chaos of trying to get an appointment scheduled, get your theme planned, and coordinate additional guests (like grandparents, etc.) while also juggling newborn life or end-of-pregnancy doctor's appointments.

If you wait until the last minute to try to book your newborn session, you risk:

  • Not getting the photographer or date that you want

  • Getting charged a premium for last-minute booking (some photographers do this as they have limited space in their calendar for appointments)

  • Not having the time to plan a theme or color palette for your photos

  • Not having the time to get any props or heirlooms ready for your photoshoot

  • Or, worst yet, forgetting to schedule a session and missing out on newborn photos altogether

Reason #2: The Earlier You Plan, the More Flexibility You'll Have

It's never too late to schedule your newborn session, but it should be said that the earlier you're able to plan, the more flexibility you'll have. For example, there are a lot of newborn photographers out there, but only a selection of them are truly qualified in all of the areas that they should be.

I always recommend that new parents research their newborn photographer in advance to ensure that:

Planning your session in advance allows you to feel confident that you've made the right decision in your choice of photographer and that you can trust that your newborn will be well-cared-for in their hands.

The earlier you plan ahead, the more likely you'll also have more flexibility in:

  • The dates your chosen photographer has available

  • Your theme. If you need to order anything in advance like custom props, you'll have more time to do so.

  • Preparing any heirlooms for your photoshoot (for example, having your wedding dress pressed and cleaned, or having your wedding dresses cleaned, or getting a grandparent's military uniform in the mail)

  • The guests you include in the session, like grandparents, surrogates, aunts/uncles, etc. — they'll need to plan ahead to be there!

  • The location (if your photographer shoots in multiple different studios)

Reason #3: It's Not Too Late

New parents often tell me that they didn't schedule their newborn photos because their baby was already outside the typical 7-14 day old timeline for newborn photos. While 7-14 days old is a good rule of thumb if you're able to plan ahead, don't let missing that deadline deter you from capturing your child's first moments! It's never too late to start preserving those precious memories.

As soon as you think of it, schedule your session, and I PROMISE you won't regret it. We can even still take some of the traditional bundled-up newborn photos, whether your baby is 7 days old or 3 months old, and I guarantee you'll be so glad you scheduled your session!

Are you interested in scheduling your Colorado Springs studio newborn session? Click Here


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