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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Newborn Photographer

Your newborn photographer should be someone you trust and feel comfortable with. After all, they'll be handling your most precious new addition! It's important that they check a few key boxes. Keep reading for my 5 go-to tips for choosing the perfect newborn photographer for you.

Safety first!

Your photographer should have experience in newborn safety. Posing a newborn takes skill and experience that is not just important to get a good photo, but is also important for your child's well-being.

Before booking a newborn photographer, you should make sure your photographer is experienced in:

  • Supporting the head and neck

  • Making sure your child's airways stay open

  • Avoiding choking hazards and suffocation risks

  • Never leaving your baby unattended

  • Never bending your baby’s limbs in a way that could injure them

  • Providing a quiet, private space for your session

Do you like their style?

Your newborn's photos will be a part of your family forever–it’s important that you like your photographer’s shooting and editing style so that you’re left with beautiful heirlooms you love.

Ways to ensure you like your photographer’s style:

  • Request a sample of their work before booking

  • Look at their social media accounts

  • Look at their website (they probably have a portfolio available)

  • Discuss your preferences with them before booking–if you prefer the studio/fine art style of shooting and they shoot primarily lifestyle, it probably won’t be a good fit.

Do you get along with your newborn photographer?

This may seem like a small thing when you’ll be with them for just an hour or two, but having a good relationship with your newborn photographer is important. When you like your photographer, you’ll feel more confident and comfortable during your newborn’s session. You’ll also trust them with your child’s safety, and you’ll feel more comfortable making requests if you feel like you can talk to them without judgement.

Check your newborn photographer's Google Reviews

Nothing says more about a newborn photographer’s skill-level and integrity than past client experiences. Compare Google Reviews between your contenders and take this into consideration when making your decision.

Ask about your newborn photographer's prop and outfit collection

Newborn photographers (especially studio photographers) should have a collection of props and outfits for you to choose from during your session. Having a wide variety of props and outfits will not only speak to their experience, but it will also allow you to get the specific aesthetic you're looking for in your newborn's photos.

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