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About Melissa 

Colorado Springs Highest Rated Photographer

Life is all about what you make of it. We have all walked down different roads that have lead us to where we are today!

Thanks for stopping by my page. I am happy you have taken a visit and I would be honored to capture some life long memories for you and your family.

I am a farm girl from the mid west. Growing up, I loved taking photos of anything. I would make scrapbooks from random things I had found on the farm, newspaper articles and was a hobbyist at taking photos of my dogs in between signing songs to my many farm animals. 

Shortly after high school, I met the man I would spend the rest of my life with. He was a city boy, I was a country girl. Through military life, a move across the country and 3 kids later, we are happy to called Colorado Springs our home, where we have now been for more then 15 years.
Life has given us our share of obstacles along the way, but through all the ups and downs, I still find myself holding photos of my kids when they were babies, wishing that time would not have gone so fast. I am forever grateful I was able to freeze time some photos that I will have forever.
The saying "you never realize how much you miss a moment, till its gone," is so true. Understanding more and more everyday why I love what I do, all summed up into one sentence.

Growing up on the farm, lead me to a love for nature. When I am not photographing humans, I love photographing wildlife! 

I hope to meet you one day and have the opportunity to captures those special memories for you, to hold on to, forever.

Chat soon!

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