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What to Know for Your Children's Portrait Session

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

When I had my children, I wanted to document and cherish every possible moment with them, and now I want to help you do the same! Whether you’re documenting milestones, birthdays, special occasions, or just looking to start an annual tradition, children’s portrait sessions are a wonderful way to capture all of those precious family moments!

I’ve compiled all of my most frequently asked questions below so you can book your children’s portrait session with confidence. Keep reading to learn more!

What is a Child Portrait Session?

A child portrait session is a photo session for your child celebrating a birthday or milestone. Photo session ideas include a cake smash, themed birthday photoshoot, annual sibling photos to document their growth, photos for school continuation/graduation, and so much more! Children’s portraits are a great way to document continued life milestones and capture these precious moments forever!

Do you have another idea of a child portrait session you’d like to discuss scheduling? Contact me! I’d love to hear about it and help you bring it to life.

When Should I Schedule My Child’s Portrait Photo Session?

Children’s portrait sessions can be scheduled anytime and scheduling is easy! Simply fill out this form and you’ll be contacted for additional details about your desired location, aesthetic, and timing for your child’s portrait session.

What Should My Child Wear to Their Portrait Session?

This will depend on the kind of session you’re wanting for your child. Part of my booking process includes going into the details of what you’d like for your photoshoot, at which point I can give you some ideas for outfits, recommend color palettes, and give you the skinny on what props and backdrops I have available (hint: I have A LOT of wonderful props and backdrops for my clients to use!)

Things to think about when planning your child’s outfits:

  • Do the colors go well together? Try to select a few colors that coordinate, but no more than about 3-4 colors.

  • Are there any patterns on your child’s clothing? If so, be sure to have an idea of what colors are in the pattern so we can plan your backdrop and props accordingly!

  • What backdrop will you have? Be sure your outfits don’t clash too much with your backdrop and any props you plan on using. For example, if you have a baby pink backdrop, a lime green shirt likely won’t be the best choice!