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Celebrating 13 Years with Life Photography by Melissa!

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Life Photography by Melissa is officially 13 years old!

Photography has long been a passion of mine. It started with a love of photographing family pets, flowers, and wildlife, but when my oldest daughter was born, my love of photography deepened.

Our infant daughter needed immediate heart surgery shortly after birth, and without it, we weren't sure if she would live. As soon as the realization hit that photos might be all I had to remember my daughter, I became obsessed with taking photos of her beautiful face as often as possible. Thankfully, our girl is a thriving young woman now, but my love and appreciation of photography has never faded.

I love capturing maternity, newborn, milestone, and family photos because these photos allow you to capture how life looked for your family in any given moment. Life has a tendency to change with the blink of an eye, but photos are memories you can keep and revisit for years to come.

The last 13 years with Life Photography by Melissa have been a dream come true, and I feel endlessly grateful for all of my amazing clients. It's truly the greatest pleasure of my career to watch your families grow and change with each passing year, and to be able to welcome new families into the studio to capture their memories on film.

No matter what life looks for you next year, I hope you'll consider the importance of setting time aside to treasure what life looks for you in each season. Whether you're a first-time parent or welcoming another bundle of joy to your team, capture those precious maternity and newborn moments as they happen because they won't last forever. And make time for those family and milestone photos so you can remember each family member as they were in that moment. You won't regret it, and I can't wait to help you make and preserve those memories!

Onward to 2024!



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