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What NOT to Wear for Your Family's Holiday Photos

The holidays are right around the corner, so if you're like the majority of families out there, you're probably in the process of planning your holiday photos. Getting your family ready for their holiday photos can feel a little overwhelming if you don't know where to start, so let's chat about best practices for your family photo outfits so you can guarantee that you get photos you love and can cherish for years to come!

Clashing Color Schemes

Quite possibly the most important thing not to overdo is the number and type of colors in your family's clothing palette. I recommend selecting a few colors and shades that coordinate (they don't necessarily have to match completely) and sprinkle them throughout the outfits your family wears.

For example, if you like blues and neutrals like the photo below, you can select a variety of shades/patterns within that color palette so that the outfits coordinate and aren't too busy.

If you're having a hard time knowing what colors to wear for your photos, I recommend searching on Pinterest and making a board of family photo outfits you like, then basing yours off your favorite image.

Busy Patterns & Prints

Patterns don't have to be your worst enemy for photos, but there are some guidelines I recommend you follow so your clothing doesn't distract from your family's beautiful faces.

First, use patterns sparingly in your outfits, like in the photo below. This family chose to have just their boys dress the same in striped shirts of the same color, and the parents opted for coordinating colors with no pattern in their outfits. If too many people in your session wear patterns, even if it's the same pattern, it can overwhelm the eye and be distracting to look at.

Second, avoid having more than one different large (or busy) pattern in your family's outfits. Too many patterns can be distracting from what truly matters--your family. I typically recommend only using one pattern in the session. (It's not an ugly sweater party, after all!)

Finally, avoid any prints on your shirt that are large and could potentially be distracting. For example, if your child has a shirt with a large Rudolph face printed on it, it's best to leave Rudolph at home. Large prints like this will pull focus from your family and don't translate well in photos.

Oversized or Too Many Accessories for Children

When dressing your little ones, I recommend keeping it pretty simple. Too many things for them to play with or rip off can add another layer of stress to your family photo session that is completely unnecessary.