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The Latest Newborn Poses for Your Newborn Photography Session

I've been a newborn photographer since 2011, and as part of my business, I make it a point to stay on top of the latest education for newborn photographers. Being informed of the latest newborn poses not only allows me to take precious photos of your newborn that will be happy memories for years to come, but it also allows me to keep your newborn safe during their photo session! In this blog post, I'll be sharing some of the latest poses in newborn photography with photo samples, so you have an idea of what some of your options will be for poses when you schedule your own newborn session.

Please note: I am a Certified Professional Photographer and an Accredited Professional of Newborn Photographers International. I have taken safety courses in posing newborns and ensuring a safe photo session for baby. Please do not attempt these poses with your newborn at home unless trained to do so. They are perfectly safe when done correctly, however there are some risks when not done by a trained professional.

Chin on Hands

This pose is a beautiful way to display your sleepy newborn's facial features. Typically done with baby on their tummy at a slight incline and their chin resting on their hands, this pose allows you to focus your attention fully on your baby's face and tiny hands and fingers. Boy does it look cute!

On Back with Stuffed Animal

In this pose, your baby will be swaddled and sleeping while they hold and snuggle a precious little toy. This pose is fun if you have an heirloom toy/stuffed animal or a special toy your baby loves. If you love the look, but don't have a toy you can include, just ask! I have a collection of props you can use. And I always recommend a cute hat or headband to complete this look!

In a Hammock

Okay, your newborn won't be in an ACTUAL hammock for this pose, but we can recreate the look with a blanket or piece of fabric. This pose allows you to remember your newborn just as they came into this world: wrinkles, rolls, and chubby cheeks in all!

On Tummy from Above

A classic, the tummy pose is great for capturing detail shots of baby's ears, cheeks, and back rolls. Your sleepy newborn will sleep right through this pose, and you'll end up with some beautiful detail photos to remember all the things you cherish so much in those early days.

Bottoms Up

The bottom's up pose can be done with or without an outfit, depending on your preference. This pose is another great way to display those tiny feet, back rolls, and chubby cheeks. Complete the look with a matching hat or headband.

Hand on Cheek

This pose is a simple, but also beautiful and adorable one. Your newborn will be swaddled (with or without their feet peeking out) and their hand will be positioned under their cheek in a thoughtful pose. This pose will look wonderful on birth announcements and as art prints in your home.

On Back - Looking Toward Camera

Whether sleeping or awake, this pose is a great way for your newborn to create a connection with the camera, making a sweet and more intimate photo. It's a great option for your little one to show off their bright eyes and their tiny feet, and it invokes much of how they spend the first days of their life.


The swaddled pose is an adorable classic and is so versatile! We can swaddle your newborn to be held by family during the session or we can prop up your swaddled newborn in a precious little bundle. This is also a great way to incorporate themed outfits (for example, a snowman.) This pose truly shows why newborns are called bundles of joy!

With Sibling

If your newborn has an older sibling, their newborn session is the perfect time to capture some really special memories. We can pose them lying down as pictured above, or in a variety of other poses. If you're interested in including sibling photos in your session, let me know and we can cater it to your needs.

Cheek to Cheek

If you'd like some photos of you with your newest addition, one of my favorite poses is cheek to cheek. It's a great way to get a little snuggle in with your baby while creating a truly beautiful memory to include in your baby album, birth announcement, or as an art print for your home.

The Whole Family

There are many ways we can incorporate the entire family in your newborn photo session and I love to try and include these in my sessions. If you're planning a newborn photo session, consider how you'd like the family to be featured, and always ask when you book your session. I'm more than happy to help you coordinate outfits and come up with some specific poses based on your family size.

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