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Fingers, Ears, and Toes: Why Detail Photos Matter

"What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce."
- Karl Lagerfeld

I started photographing babies after my first daughter was born. She was perfect and tiny and everything I'd ever dreamed of, but, terrifyingly, I wasn't sure how long she would live. She had a heart condition that required immediate surgery, and the doctors couldn't give us a definitive answer as to whether or not she would make it longer than 2 weeks. I was so scared that I would lose the precious first moments of her life, that I took as many photos as I could.

Thankfully, my strong girl beat the odds, survived her surgery, and grew up to be the most beautiful teenager I've ever seen. But I'm SO thankful that I made the decision to start photographing her life when I did because those years flew by faster than I could have ever imagined.

When my daughter was an infant, I remember staring for hours at her tiny features day in and day out. I loved her soft baby skin, the way her face scrunched as she slept, her tiny little fingers and toes, and her plump little cheeks. I used to sit and stare in wonder at this little person my husband and I created, and think I would never be able to forget how little she was. But then she started to grow up, and some of those details I loved so much started to fade from my immediate memory.

THIS is why you should get those detail shots during your newborn's photo session. Detail photos are the perfect way to preserve those precious first memories of the days you had spit-up on your shoulder, a sink full of dirty dishes, and a tiny newborn snoozing on your lap. Detail photos spark memories of those early days sitting in the dark with a bottle, admiring your child's perfect little nose and long eyelashes. They allow you to time travel back to the best day of your life and relive it over and over again (minus the contractions!) It's all in the details, and it's so worth capturing, because you'll never get those moments back.

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