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11 Years with Life Photography by Melissa

I can not believe it has been 11 years since I first opened the doors of Life Photography by Melissa. When I started on this journey, long before it became a business, I had no idea it would take me where I am today.

Before having kids, I would photograph things I loved, like my dogs or flowers. When our first daughter was born, we received the heartbreaking news that she would need heart surgery, and without it she would likely only live two weeks. At that moment, I understood that if our baby did not make it, photos would be the only thing I would have left to remember her. That sweet girl is now almost 15! I can't believe it. The number of photos that I have taken over the years is truly something I will never regret, and I will treasure them forever. This has always been my reason.

Why do I love to photograph babies, pregnant mothers, and all these other special moments? Because we never know when life will change. Tomorrow everything could be different, and we will regret not having something to remember the good old days.

When I look back on these last 11 years, I am just in awe. I am honored to have photographed nearly 1000 newborns, thousands of families and kids, and hundreds of moments in between. Being able to give the gift of memories to my clients has brought much joy to my own life.

As I move into 2022, I look forward to continuing to do much of the same. I look forward to photographing the moments that you will want to hold onto for a lifetime. Whether I capture your first or fifth pregnancy, every single pregnancy will be different and special in its own way. Your baby will only be so little for a very short time, so I encourage you to capture these precious moments. Your family, no matter if you are raising toddlers or your children are grown, is beautiful at every moment--capture those moments. There will be a day, maybe not today or tomorrow, but there will be a day you will look at your images and you will be so glad you have that photo to hold. It truly is a memory that you can hold onto forever.

Cheers to 2022 my friends! I cannot wait to see you in the studio to make some more memories,



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