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Popular Milestone Photo Themes (with Examples!)

Triplet baby boys laying on a white shag rug and smiling at the camera

Milestone photos are a wonderful way to document your child's growth throughout their first year of life (and beyond!) Many parents choose to base their photo session themes off of their child's current favorite toys, television shows, books, and more, but you can also choose them based on what you think is cutest. There truly is so much flexibility in planning the theme for your child's milestone photos, so to give you some ideas, I've compiled some popular themes with examples below so you can be inspired to plan your own milestone sessions. Enjoy!

Floral/Fruity Milestone Photo Theme

Fruity and floral milestone sessions are incredibly popular! They allow you to have some flexibility with the aesthetic based simply on the fruits or florals you choose. Not to mention, it's pretty hard to take a BAD photo with such a cute backdrop! Fruity and floral spreads are cheerful, soft, and just downright precious.

Sports Fan Milestone Photo Theme

Baby boy in a Colorado Rockies uniform in front of a baseball backdrop

If sports are a family tradition or you have avid sports fans among you, this theme can be an adorable and special memory to share with your little sport fan as they get older. Have your little one don a jersey from their favorite team or player, and they're bound to knock it out of the park!

Current Favorites Milestone Photo Theme

Want to document your child's personality at every milestone? A great way to do that is by creating a theme around your child's current favorites! Whether your little one loves puppies, Bluey, Harry Potter, candy, sports, or a specific doll or airplane, making a custom theme based around their current favorites is sure to bring a smile to your face when you revisit the memories time and time again. Some parents opt to create a theme based off of one favorite item, while others bring all of their child's favorite items and make a spread or a list. There's no wrong way to do it!

Space Explorer Milestone Photo Theme

Twinkle twinkle, little star... Let's be honest, the space theme is simply out of this world! It's such a fun way to show just how far your little one will go in life and is perfect for every little explorer. Not to mention, it's cute as can be!

Mermaid/Fisherman/Pirate Milestone Photo Theme

Under the sea, under the sea! These bubbly themes are super versatile. If you love Disney movies, you can opt for The Little Mermaid as your theme or a Pirates of the Caribbean theme. Or if you want to steer clear of going for a Disney theme, any sea theme will be just as cute on its own! I've seen mermaid, pirates, fishermen, and an "under the sea" theme and they're all precious!

Winnie the Pooh Milestone Photo Theme

Photo of a little boy dressed as Winnie the Pooh in front of a Hundred Acre Wood backdrop

Is your little one obsessed with Winnie the Pooh and his forest friends? If so, a Pooh-themed milestone session might be the perfect fit for you. Not only will it bring back happy memories of your child's first favorite characters, but it's also just really darn cute.

Outdoors Milestone Photo Theme

You don't have to keep your session indoors! If you prefer the great outdoors or you have a little one who particularly loves to explore outside, an outdoor session could be the perfect theme for you. There are many beautiful areas around Colorado Springs to choose from and that would result in the loveliest milestone photos.

Farmer/Hunter Milestone Photo Theme

Speaking of outdoors, do you have a little hunter or farmer in your midst? If so, we can capture that in their photo session theme! Whether you want studio photos with a themed background or want to take your little outdoorsman outside for some photos with farm animals, we can make it happen.

Wild One/Adventurer Milestone Photo Theme

As your kiddo starts to grow and get mobile, they're bound to get a little adventurous. So why not document their love for adventure in their milestone photos? You can take to the skies with a hot air balloon theme, or brave the mountainous Colorado terrain with a hiking or camping theme. Either way, it'll be a precious memory you'll cherish forever!

Cultural Milestone Photo Theme

Little girl in traditional cultural garb for her first birthday

Do you have specific cultural traditions that mean the world to your family? If so, milestone photos are a great way to incorporate those traditions! Whether you celebrate children with special clothing, food, or another special item, we can be sure to honor those traditions and help you create lasting and meaningful memories for your family!

Seasonal/Holiday Milestone Photo Theme

Seasonal and holiday milestone photos are a popular choice among parents. It's a fun way to document your little one's first year of life, and show how they grew from birth to first birthday! Not to mention, if you continue those seasonal and holiday milestone photos beyond their first year, you'll have a special little photo growth chart to look back on!

Neutral/Minimalistic Milestone Photo Theme

And finally, if you want the focus to be just on your little one without all the extras, you might consider more neutral milestone photos. This classic look will be timeless and make for a beautiful option if you choose to display your child's milestone photos in your home! There are still lots of options for props and background colors and outfits, so don't worry, your photos will turn out just how you want them!

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