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Maternity Session FAQ - All of Your Pressing Maternity Photo Questions Answered

maternity photo of a woman in a green gown at garden of the gods

Planning your maternity photos can feel overwhelming, especially as you prep the nursery, get ready for maternity leave, and wrap up all the final details before the arrival of your new bundle(s) of joy! That's why I compiled all of the most-asked questions with comprehensive answers into one blog post. Take the stress out of the planning and let's make some memories!

maternity photo of a woman in a green dress with her young daughter

Planning for Your Maternity Photo Session:

When Do Maternity Photos Take place?

The industry standard is that maternity photos take place between weeks 30-35 of your pregnancy. This typically ensures that you've got an adorable bump, but baby hasn't arrived yet!

When Should I Schedule My Maternity Photo Session?

Because we aim to have your photos done between weeks 30-35 of your pregnancy, I recommend calling to schedule your session around 20-25 weeks to ensure you get the date and time you’re hoping for.

How Do I Book My Maternity Photos?

Booking your session is easy! Fill out this form and I will contact you directly to discuss your vision for the session and share pricing information. From there, we'll select a date for your session that is within weeks 30-35 of your pregnancy. We can also use this time to address any questions you may have so you can feel confident that you know what to expect from your maternity session.

How Long Will My Session Take?

The length of your session depends on how many photos you’d like, how many outfit changes you plan on making, and the location you choose for your session. Maternity photo sessions usually take about 1-2 hours to complete, but I will be able to give you a more accurate estimate when we discuss your session at the time of booking.

Do I Need to Bring Anything to My Session?

The short answer? No! I have a HUGE client closet full of gorgeous gowns that you will have full access to. With that said, if you have a very specific outfit in mind or if you want to dress more casually for your photos, you'll need to bring your desired outfit(s).

Optional items to bring include meaningful props (baby shoes, onesie, wedding rings, name banner/plaque, etc.), comfortable shoes if you choose a location that requires excessive walking, and something comfortable to change into after your session is complete.

What Happens If My Baby Comes Before My Maternity Photos?

If baby comes early, don't worry! Your maternity session will be cancelled with no fee, and the deposit for your cancelled maternity photos will be applied to a newborn photo session with me! Click here for more information on my newborn photography sessions.

During Your Maternity Session:

What Should I Wear to My Maternity Photo Session?

The options are truly endless! Some of my clients choose a more casual/cozy look, while others opt for a full-glam or romantic look. I wrote a full blog post with examples of each type of look that you can read here! Feeling Stuck on what to wear? Don’t worry. I am here to hold your hand through this process so you can be confident on your photoshoot day and so that you love the final product!

Do You Offer Hair and Makeup Services for Maternity Sessions?

I typically recommend working with a professional hair or makeup artist for your session if you don't want to do it yourself. I have cultivated a list of some wonderful resources to help you with your hair and makeup for your maternity photoshoot! Simply let me know if you're looking to have your hair and makeup professionally done and I will send you a list of my preferred vendors when you book your session.

Where Will My Maternity Photo Session Take Place?

Your maternity photos can be taken in my beautiful home studio or at an outdoor location of your choice around Colorado Springs, Colorado! Here are some things to consider when choosing your location:

You Might Choose a Studio Maternity Session If:

  • You prefer a more private setting

  • You are a fan of fine art photography and studio sessions fit your home's aesthetic

  • You are looking for gorgeous keepsakes to pass on to your future child someday

If you opt to have your maternity photo session take place in my beautiful home photography studio, you’ll have access to a variety of backdrops, props, gowns, and even a tub used for gorgeous milk bath maternity photos.

You Might Choose an Outdoor Maternity Session If:

  • You love the beauty of the outdoors

  • You love a natural-look to your keepsake photos

  • Areas around Colorado Springs hold a special meaning in your heart

  • You are looking for beautiful photos you can cherish for years to come

If you choose to have your maternity photoshoot at an outdoor location, you will still have access to my extensive client gown closet at no additional cost. You, of course, still have the option of bringing your own clothing/gown for your session.

Check out this list of beautiful Colorado Springs locations for your session!

Do You Offer Milk Bath Sessions?

I do! If you choose a studio session, you'll have the option of including a beautiful milk bath in your maternity session. Just be sure to let me know at the time of booking so I can plan ahead.

Here is a blog post I wrote all about milk baths and what they entail!

Will You Help Me Pose for My Maternity Photos?

Of course I will! My goal is always to help you feel relaxed, confident, and natural for your maternity photo session. I will guide you into all of your poses to make sure you leave your session feeling beautiful, confident, and excited to see your maternity photos!

snowy maternity photo of a couple cuddling

After Your Session:

How and When Will My Photos Be Delivered?

You will receive digital proofs of your photos within 24 hours of your session. You will then select your favorite photos to be edited, and once your selections are made I will get to work editing them to perfection for you! I will send you the final edits of your selected photos as soon as they’re finished, which typically takes 5-7 business days.

Do You Offer Photo Prints and Albums For Purchase?

Yes! I recommend using my print lab for your photo prints and albums as not every print service is created equal. I stand behind the quality and color matching you’ll get with my print lab, and I know you’ll be thrilled with the quality of your images and albums.

I will provide information upon delivery of your digital album as to how you can order prints and albums of your maternity photos!

How Can I Use My Photos?

Your maternity photos are for you to use however you’d like! Share them with family and friends, share them on social media, order prints, canvases, & albums, and most importantly, cherish them forever!

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