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After the Session: Editing Your Images & Delivering Your Gallery

So, you've had your session with me and now you're eager to see your photos. I totally understand your excitement! I'm just as excited to deliver your gallery and hear what you think of your photos! In this blog post, I put together a general timeline and explanation of what you can expect after your session so you know when you'll have your photos in hand.

Uploading the raw images: 24 hours after your session

  • Once your session is complete I will upload your raw (unedited) images to my computer and select which photos are fit for editing.

Photo selection: 24 hours after your session

  • I’ll add your unedited images to a proof gallery and send you a link to review.

  • You'll look through your proof gallery and select from your unedited photo proofs which images you’d like me to edit for you. (You do this by selecting the heart icon on your favorite images!)

Editing your selections: 5-7 days after your selections are made

  • Once you've selected your favorites, I’ll get to work editing them! This process can take a full 5-6 hours of actual work time, so my promise to you is that you’ll have your final images within about a week of when you select your favorite images. (This allows me ample time to edit your photos amidst photographing my other sessions, and ensure your photos are perfect before delivery!)

Adding your edited photos to your online gallery: 5-7 days after your selections are made

  • Once your photos are completely edited, I’ll put them in a beautiful digital gallery!

Final images & album/print selection: 5-7 days after your selections are made

  • The moment you've been waiting for! Once your gallery is ready, I’ll send you a link to login, view, & download your digital images. This is also the stage where you can choose your favorite photos to print or include in a stunning photo album for your home.

That's all there is to it! I can't wait to help you capture the most beautiful moments in your life and celebrate your beautiful family with you.

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