Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer

When this family contacted me to photograph there newborn twins, I was THRILLED. These two boys were just about 4 weeks old here. They were great little sleepers and they were the most calm when they were laying next to each other. I loved how each baby was very different. One was more sleepy, the other did not want to miss anything and kept an eye on me the entire time. However, like most of the sessions I do, I am always able to get the baby to actually sleep.


I loved the colors that the parents chose for this session, the blues, grays, reds and of course, the cute little animal outfits that the parents brought with them.


And then, last minute these parents told me they were Harry Potter Fans! WHAT?!!! Why, yes of course I have a few props for that. I was happy they said something so I could be sure to put this as part of the session!


I look forward to hearing about your ideas for your newborn session. Don’t have any ideas, that is fine, I love planning these sessions and putting them all together. Contact me today for more information.