Simple Pricing, No Suprises

By Melissa

Simple Pricing, No Surprises

Today, everyone is a photographer. Everyone owns a cell phone, so everyone is a photographer...right? WRONG! Just because you can take a photo, does not give you the title "photographer." Photography takes a lot of work, time, talent, skill, patience, great customer service and the list goes on. However, finding the right one for you, that is what the hard part is. Today, since so many people take photos, the price of photography is all over the place. Do you have a budget for your photo needs? Maybes its $100, maybe its $1000. Either way, searching for just the right person to capture those memories for you, that is often the hardest part of the whole process. Finding a photographer that will not just capture those memories for you, but also a photographer who won't run away and never be in touch again. Sadly, finding just the right person is hard these days.

Looking for the right photographer...

When looking for the right photographer, be sure to find someone who does the following, this may be a good resource for you in your search.

  • Communication! Be sure the photographer that you hire is a good communicator. Be sure to communicate to your photographer exactly what you are looking for, be sure they are able to meet these needs before the session even starts.
  • Contract - Does your photographer have you sign a contract agreement? I believe this is important to ensure both parties agree on what will take place and what will be received.
  • Community - Is the photographer your looking to hire, someone who is well known in the community? Well trusted?

I may or may not be the right photographer for you. I can't tell you the amount of clients who have come to me with some pretty insane stories of what they went through just to get some photos taken. Life Photography by Melissa has been serving the Colorado Springs area since 2011. Serving the Colorado Springs area with Maternity, Newborn, Family, Children and Seniors. It has always been of high importance to not just capture family memories but also to be sure my pricing is made simple for you and there are no surprises during the process of the session.