How are you dealing with life during this time?

By Melissa

Covid-19 How has life changed for you during this time?

Covid-19 - How has life changed for you during this time?For most of us, just a few weeks ago, everything seemed, well what we would call, "normal." We were able to go to work, get haircuts, go to the park, have friends and family over and so much more. However, what seemed like, a blink of an eye, everything changed and it changed fast. What was normal to us is now a new normal we all need to adjust to. It's been scary for some, frustrating for others and, well, just a lot of unknowns for most of us. So how are you adjusting to this new life? How are you adjusting to the new "normal" of your day to day?Life has had to change a bit for all of us. For my family, we had already adjusted into the homeschool thing about 8 months ago, so thankfully we did not have to dive into that right now. We do miss our friends and seeing family. I believe that has been the hardest part for us, just not being able to have a normal face to face visit. I have missed my clients and not photographing newborns during this time. Its been nice to spend more time with my kids but boy do I miss those babies! I know, when all of this passes, the next few months will be busy playing catch up. be sure to contact me if your interested in getting photos of any kind done in 2020 :)

COVID-19 has changed us all.

A beautiful picture of a newborn by Colorado Springs Photographer Melissa Stynski of Life Photography by Melissa

Looking at these photos makes me truly just sit and be thankful for the blessings I do have. Looking at these photos makes me wonder what are young children thinking during this time? They can't play with friends or at the park, when parents say "no honey we can't go and play," what's going through those little minds. What about the masks that everyone is wearing, is it scary for them?How about the nursing homes and hospitals. Hospitals are over crowded with people, many can't have visitors at all. Nursing homes, clients have to sit in rooms all day with only a small window to look out of. New moms are having to deliver babies alone. Children who are sick and mom or dad can't be in the rooms with them. This is in deed a very unknown and very scary time for many of us.March of Dimes put out a good read on Covid-19.I know, like many of you, that this season too shall pass. However, in the mean time, I would love to hear what you are doing to get through this time. What changes have you and your family found to be "fun" or maybe the changes are getting old? I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to reach out to me via email or text and tell me how you are doing. I wish I could sit down with each of you and hear about everything that has happened in these last few weeks. I would love to see photos or just send me a note via email.Visit my website:

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