Maternity Milk Bath Session

Maternity Milk Bath Session

Maternity milk bath sessions are something new and fun to do with your maternity session. These sessions are done in my home studio and take about 20-30 minutes depending on the look you are going for.
Sessions take place between 30-35 weeks of pregnancy. Clients are able to choose the colors that they would like for these sessions. I work personally with each client to find just the right look, addressing color choices, flowers and gown colors.
Maternity milk bath sessions are a relaxing time for the mama to be. Receiving the opportunity to sit in a warm tub of flowers and simply relax, all while you are being photographed. Truly a unforgettable time.


How does the water look so white?
Well, its pretty easy, its one gallon of whole milk and water…thats it.


Maternity milk bath sessions take place in the morning and are done in an all natural light setting. Client does provide the flower color of choice and the milk for the session.
The flowers used in this session are fake flowers, they do tend to sink pretty fast, but they do work. Real flowers, though little more expensive, actually float and can be used again after the session. Something to keep in mind when you are looking for just the right flowers and colors.

Maternity sessions are also available for in studio, outdoors or in your home.

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