What to wear to your photo session

I get asked all the time “What do you think are good colors to wear.” I always suggest putting colors to gather that go together but are not all the same color. When you wear all the same colors, you actually, as a group, just all blend and don’t stand out.

I have had so many client come to sessions in jeans and black shirt. Be brave, stand out with your family. Backdrops here in Colorado are so beautiful, don’t blend in with them, stand out from them. I have attached a few color board ideas in this blog post to help give you some direction for your next photo session.



Warm Colors   Neutral colors Green, Blue and Pink Blue and Pink

Choosing warm colors, bolder colors or even natural colors, are all something that can help you make the right clothing picks for your photo session. Remember, you are investing, often times, a lot of money into these photos. You don’t want to just wear your yoga pants or some work shirt. There is a lot of thought that goes into these session. These boards are something that will help give you some direction. I also have a great page of some outfits put together, you can visit my Pinterest page for more ideas on that.

Your next photo session does not need be stressful. Focus on the simple, go with a color palette that you really like and I am sure you already have clothes in your closet that would go with any one of these pallets.

Check out my website and instagram page for some ideas on what past clients have used during sessions.


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