Welcome to the page where I share photos, thoughts, thoughts of photos, sessions, ideas and so much more. Though I wish I had more time to put into writing, as its a favorite past time of mine, I truly love to make these lasting memories come alive for everyone I photograph.

Why do I Blog? Blog is such a funny word. 🙂 However, I think its a way to express, show ideas, show work and share a story. So, it is here where I will write and share things about sessions, session ideas and so much more. If you see something that you would like to know more about, I would love to hear from you!

Newborn Session

By Melissa | Jul 6, 2021
Colorado Springs Photographer

Newborn Session   As Colorado Springs highest rated newborn photographer, I have worked hard on making sure that when you book a session with me that you you are prepped and ready for the session before you even arrive. Newborn photos typically take place between 7-14 days old. HOWEVER, do not let those days think…

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Booking your newborn photos

By Melissa | Jul 1, 2021
Colorado Springs Photographer

BOOKING YOUR NEWBORN SESSION Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer When is the best time to book newborn photos? I want to take a few minutes and give you the best advice. No matter if you are planning to have your session with me or not, I hope these tips will help you find the best photographer…

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Maternity Session Information

By Melissa | Jun 23, 2021
Maternity Photographer

Maternity Session Information We receive a lot of messages, about how maternity sessions are put together. We thought it would be a good idea to write a post about it to give you a little more information. Maternity session take place anywhere from 30-35 weeks. Booking your maternity session on time is important to make…

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Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

By Melissa | Jan 13, 2021
Colorado Springs Photographer

How Life Photography by Melissa, got started on her photography journey. 10 years and continuing to look ahead.

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Changes are good!

By Melissa | Oct 27, 2020

Changes are GOOD! Are you ready for a change? In January 2021, Life Photography will mark 10 years of being in business!! I can not believe ten years ago, I opened the doors to my very first client and looking back, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Little did I know,…

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Almost four months old

By Melissa | Aug 19, 2020
Photograph of newborn baby with white headband and pink blanket on a pink background

Baby Photos Do you feel like you are not able to have, “newborn”, photos taken of their baby because “baby is too old?” Newborn Photos “normally” take place between 7-14 days old. However, sometimes life happens and schedules do not allow for that. This sweet girl was born during the pandemic and we were not…

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Maternity Gowns

By Melissa | May 13, 2020
Maternity Photography

Maternity Gowns   Maternity Photos are something near and dear to me. Capturing these maternity photos, are moments you will treasure for a lifetime.  Over the years, I have put together a collection of gowns for moms to be. I have add gowns that are extravagant, simple, Boho style and so much more. New maternity…

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How are you dealing with life during this time?

By Melissa | Apr 13, 2020
Photograph of newborn baby feet with teal colored blanket

Covid-19 How has life changed for you during this time? Covid-19 – How has life changed for you during this time? For most of us, just a few weeks ago, everything seemed, well what we would call, “normal.” We were able to go to work, get haircuts, go to the park, have friends and family…

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Are you looking for a newborn photographer?

By Melissa | Jan 7, 2020

Newborn Photography Video Are you looking for a newborn photographer? Watch this quick video clip at the bottom of this blog post. Melissa is one of Colorado Springs best newborn photographers. She comes with a lot of experience, patience and would love to capture these memories for you and your family. For more information on Melissas…

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Simple Pricing, No Suprises

By Melissa | Dec 3, 2019

Simple Pricing, No Surprises  Simple Pricing, No Suprises Today, everyone is a photographer. Everyone owns a cell phone, so everyone is a photographer…right? WRONG! Just because you can take a photo, does not give you the title “photographer.” Photography takes a lot of work, time, talent, skill, patience, great customer service and the list goes on.…

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