Newborn Photos

Your about to have a baby and you are getting advice from everyone. Well, everyone who is a mom is an expert…right?! Truth is, every mom has a story and every story is a little different then the last. You will soon find out that all those gifts you received from your baby shower only a few of them will actually get used. The baby will grow so fast, he or she won’t fit into every one of those adorable newborn outfits. Then you have the diapers, the one thing that you have to buy that, well, the money just goes away. Diapers are a must for sure and never seem to last as long as we had hoped. The you have the blankets, burp rags, toys, all these adorable things and then before we know it, the time has passed and soon you will either pass some of these items on to the next baby or sell them to a friend that you know for sure will use them.
The one gift that not too many receive these days, is the gift of photography. Giving or receiving a gift like this is something that you will never regret. These newborn days, go by so very fast. Being able to photograph your sweet baby between 7-14 days, they will never be this little ever again. Allowing someone to capture the smallest of days of your baby, is something you will want to hold on to for years to come.
So of all those baby shower gifts you received, what has been the best thing that you still have today? If you know someone that is having a baby, gift them the gift of memories that they can treasure for years to come.
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