Are you a new mom or have been a mom for awhile now? You know, all too well, how fast those newborn days go by!

I recall when I became a mom for the firs time, I was a basket full of emotions that I did not how to express. As new moms, we are trying to savor and learn every moment of what it means to now be in charge, totally in charge, of this little humans life.

We ask a series of questions…
Why won’t they stop crying?
What do we do?Why can’t I sleep anymore?
Whats wrong with them?
Why does this human sleep during the day and not at night?
Don’t they ever get enough to eat?
Why won’t they stop crying?
Did you poop again?
Why can’t your dad feed you?

You begin to  feel like your a sleep deprived diaper changing feeding machine. When you are walking through it, the days seem long and the nights seem shorter!
And then, in a blink of an eye, those days are past. Pretty soon, diapers and potty training days are done, school starts and life as you once knew it, has changed yet again.

Life moves no matter how much we want it to either slow down to speed up. The ONLY thing that we can do to help slow things down is a memory of what was. It’s crazy to think how often I have looked back on a photo from several years ago and I can recall being in that same place, I remember the laughs, the smells, the moment, all by looking at a photo.

I have spent the last several years learning about newborns. Learning how to work with them, how they sleep, what makes them calm, what they like, what they don’t like, the safety while photographing them, posing and positioning. There is just so much to learn with the littlest of people.

If you have not yet booked your newborn session, even if your baby is not yet here yet, I encourage you to that now. Once your baby is here there will be so many things going on, so much to sink in, you don’t want to miss out on this special time in your babies life. The best time to photograph a newborn is before baby is 14 days old. After this two weeks time, baby is often used to being out to he womb and loves to stretch out and not be put into those cute tucked in positions anymore, is a little more awake than asleep and typically will eat for longer periods of time.

Photographing newborns is such a passion of mine. Knowing that these tiny humans are only this small for a short times, reminds me how perfect this time is. I encourage you to not miss out on smallest days of your new little persons life. It may be the most precious gift you could ever give yourself.



Life Photography by Melissa
Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer


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