Newborn Session

Newborn Session


As Colorado Springs highest rated newborn photographer, I have worked hard on making sure that when you book a session with me that you you are prepped and ready for the session before you even arrive.

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Newborn photos typically take place between 7-14 days old. HOWEVER, do not let those days think you can’t still get photos done. I have photographed babies of all ages and I can not stress enough how meaningful those photos will be to you one day. These are the smallest days in your babies life, capture them now before they grow too fast.


As a Colorado Springs Newborn Photographer, I love to help parents out with tips, tricks and things that can be done to help your baby be sure to have a successful session. Before your session, I will give you a list of a few things that can be done to help the process with your baby and the session. A few suggestions include the following,

– Bring a pacifier, even if baby does not use one, this often helps sooth baby during the session.
– Bathe baby before you come, a warm bath, even a sponge bath, helps get baby sleepy.
– Feed baby well before you come.
– Keep baby awake as much as possible before the session.


A few things not to do…..

Newborns will often have very flakey skin, this is a normal process for your newborn and its important to not try to pick the skin off or try to over do it with too much lotion. Lotion will leave your baby with greasy looking skin and doesn’t reflect well on photos.

Its not a good idea to over feed your baby. Keep your feeding schedule and if baby is hungry when you arrive to your session, we take time for baby to eat and assure baby has a dry diaper and a full belly.

Newborn sessions take place in my home studio. Photographing newborns for more then ten years, I have so many outfits, hats, headbands, props, wraps and so much more. You truly have to only bring baby to your session. I try to make it pretty easy for parents. When you come to the session, you do get to watch the entire session. You will be a few feet away from baby at all times.

For all newborn sessions, if you have any requests, wanting to bring anything to the session, please be sure to inform me of that head of time. This will help with the prep of the session.

Melissa is Colorado Springs highest rated newborn photographer. Contact Life Photography today, to book your newborn session.