Newborn Photographer – Newborn Girl – Colorado Springs, CO

There are a lot of emotions when we hold our newborn baby for the first time. There is a feeling with us that truly can not be explained. The amount of love that we have for this tiny little human that has just entered the world, is truly more then we ever knew we could express.

Many parents that come to my studio, are first time parents, truly wanting to capture these smallest of days in their newborns life. When asked,”how do I prepare for my session with you?” I offer a pretty easy response, I will send you a list of a few things that you can to do help calm the baby, the rest is up to me when you arrive.

Every baby that comes in for newborn photos is very different. Some babies are super sleepy, some are wide awake, some cry, some just look around, some smile, some don’t. Every baby, runs the session. I work on their time and their schedule.

If you have something special that you are wanting to have part of your newborn session, I always welcome you bring props. Though my studio is filled with outfits, hats, headbands, props and more, you are always welcome to bring what you would like to make this session all about you and your family.

Newborn sessions take time. Each session is so different as is each baby. Taking the time, having the patience to work on the schedule of each newborn, is very important.

If you have other children that you would like to have in the photos, wonderful! I make sure to include them as well and we talk about that before your session.