Maternity Session Information

Maternity Photographer

Maternity Session Information

Maternity Session Information

We receive a lot of messages, about how maternity sessions are put together. We thought it would be a good idea to write a post about it to give you a little more information.

Maternity session take place anywhere from 30-35 weeks. Booking your maternity session on time is important to make sure we don’t miss out on the time frame. Here at Life Photography by Melissa, we strive to make your entire maternity session enjoyable and successful. We offer a large variety of Maternity gowns and robes that you are welcome to use for your session at no extra charge. We have put together a video to view all the gowns and they can be viewed here

Life Photography by Melissa, has been in business in the Colorado Springs area for more then ten years, and have worked with hundreds of maternity clients to create a session based all around them. Taking your session very seriously and we want to capture memories for you to enjoy for years to come. Working a local hair and make up artist, we ensure you will have an amazing experience.

A few question that I can answer for you…


What is the typical time frame of your maternity sessions?
Most maternity sessions are finished within an hour. It will depend on the location for your session for sure.

How many photos do I get with my session?
We are currently working on a few different plans for you to choose from. Feel free to message us for that information. 

Where do maternity sessions take place?
Maternity sessions can take place at a location of your choice, within the Colorado Springs area. 

What are the best outdoor locations?
Contact us for more information on some great suggestions we have depending on your session.

More Information 

What is your cancelation policy?
We do understand that life and weather can change a scheduled session,  we do allow cancelation and rescheduling of the session as needed.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, we do require a $50 deposit to reserve your date and time.

What time of day do you offer session?
Outdoor sessions, for the best lightly, are offered near sunset. Seasonal times differ with the time of the year.

How do I reach you?
You can reach us a few ways….you can visit our website at
Email us at
Phone/text us at 719-602-9988