This Styled Shoot

This was such a fun session for me. I photographed this amazing Colorado Styled Shoot, with my sweet friend with Nicole Andre Photography. We were able to go find an amazing location on Spruce Mountain and really took my breath away. With the mountain views, the tall grass and the amazing trees surrounding us, who would not want a session here. It was even a great location to go on a hike, listen to the birds and just escape for while.
As we were photographing, many people walked by us on the trail and were in awe of what we were doing. Simply capturing two real people just being themselves. It is pretty great.

Spruce Mountain

Being a Colorado photographer, I have such an amazing backdrop, when I am able to add in some amazing subjects, it makes for a pretty amazing day.
The entire time we were with this couple, I think we laughed more then any of us had in days. My stomach hurt after the session!

Annie and Leah

Annie and Leah had a way of showing love to each other like no one I had ever seen. The respect they showed, the simplify they gave the love the had was so amazing. Being able to capture two people just being themselves, it something you can not plan.

When you allow two people to just be themselves, you get images like this.
Annie and Leah own Colorado Crepe Company in Colorado Springs. If you have not visited this amazing location, its must!

Colorado Photographer Life Photography by Melissa